Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipses and CIGS are for Everyone

The lunar eclipse last night was not disappointing. We went to bed early, then woke up at 1:50 AM last night to view the eclipse, which had just started with just a small corner of the moon knawed away into shadow. Then we went back to bed and checked progress again at 2:50 AM when the eclipse was in totality. Very pretty indeed. My cool observation of the night was comparing the amount of moonlight pouring into our bedroom at 1:50 vs the almost complete lack of light at 2:50.

CIGS, in this case, refers to Copper Indium Gallium di-Selenide solar cells. An article here discusses them in some depth, even if the article is a bit "old". A few new articles in the news talks about how various universities and researchers are getting on the CIGS or thin film solar bandwagon. Typical silicon solar panels run around $4US a watt, while the new CIGS cells may see prices from $2US to $1US a watt. Potentially, the cost of the roof mount box holding the solar cells will cost more than the solar cells within.


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