Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I'm not going to add much to this bit of news, since it has pretty much been covered everywhere. In case you were somehow not aware, the October 28th, night-time launch of the Orbital Sciences CRS (Commercial Resupply Service) cygnus-antares vehicle didn't go off as planned. Just after clearing the tower, the rocket exploded. Given the velocity and the altitude of vehicle when it exploded (dead-slow and a few hundred feet off the ground), recovering the debris and finding the fault may be difficult, but shouldn't be impossible. I wouldn't expect anything but speculation as to why the rocket exploded for the next week or so. For instance, some are speculating that the fault had something to do with the '60s style Russian engines the vehicle was using, but I think it's way to early to tell. Besides, old Russian technology is the only way people are getting to ISS at the time being (Soyuz), so being old and Russian isn't necessarily an obvious problem in my eyes.

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