Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Persistent Signs of Conspiracy

Here's a bit of news that has nothing to do with space and lunar colonization. It's an interesting dealing more with politics. Sometimes stories like this disappear off of the main news pretty quick. So the very least I can do is supply you with a link..

white house to cut geothermal energy research funds (updated)

It seems like the white house is looking to cut funding for a source of power which is readily available and (as far as I know) non-polluting. An unrelated Christian Science Monitor story deals with the administration's budget cuts for DOE energy conservation programs and technologies in lieu of funding Hydrogen, Ethanol, and Nuclear Energy programs.

Call me a goof, but at the very least this seems short-sited. I hope to cover some numbers in the next few blogs dealing with replacement energy technologies, such as ethanol and biodiesel production, to see how much tech will be needed to invest in such systems. Until then, I recommend people nose around in the policies coming out of Washington and ask how well are we being served.

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