Monday, October 14, 2013

2K Grasshopper Test Flight is Cool, but the Drone is Equally So.

So I'll keep this brief. On October 7th, SpaceX's Grasshopper took a 744 meter (2441 foot) leap into the air, followed by a safe landing. The video of the test flight is pretty insane. What blew me away is that the test flight was filmed by a camera mounted to a hexacopter, which is an electric 6 motor helicopter, if you will. BTW, I think that last link was from a previous launch filmed using a hexacopter as well. The cool part to me is the copter's ability to stably hover at around 1500 foot altitude. There's no noticeable vibration in the camera image. The camera is incredibly steady. Also, what kind of batteries is that thing running on? I can't imagine the task of launching the hexacopter, zooming it up to 1500 feet, hovering it there until the rocket is ready for the test, filming the test, and then landing the copter afterwards. I'm not sure I should be congratulating SpaceX for another successful Grasshopper test or an amazing bit of test footage.


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