Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Apocalypse, Start of the 14th Baktun, or Y5.6K Problem

The last day on earth will begin in 12 hours and 45 minutes from now if the hype about the Mayan calendar apocalypse is to be believed. Alas, I fear we will all be relieved, or indifferent, or perhaps a bit disappointed after December 21st passes us by without an apocalyptic incident of any kind. I also fear that the world will not undergo a brilliant flash of enlightenment that will herald a new age for humanity (though Valhalla knows we could certainly use it).

I prefer to think that all the COBAL equivalent programs written for the ancient Mayan computers will glitch on December 21st due to the b'ak'tun roll-over problem (just like our own Y2K) which assumes (1) that the ancient Mayan programmers were foolish enough not to include the b'ak'tun digit in their date representations, and that (2) the ancient Mayans actually had computers, and that (3) any of said same computers were somehow still running. I call this non-existent problem the Y5.6K bug.

So in case the Mayans were somehow right, I'ld like to thank you for reading this blog, and I hope that you have found it enjoyable. And for insurance purposes, today might be a good day to go home a little early, tell your spouse she or he is beautiful, have a nice dinner, hug your kids and tell them you love them, and let your dog or cat sleep inside for a change.

A nice link about the functions of the Mayan calendar


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