Monday, June 29, 2015

CRS-7 News so Far

NASA held a morning news conference to discuss the SpaceX CRS-7 "Anomoly" or "RUD" or explosion, depending on how you want to spin the issue. So far there seems to have been an overpressure event in the second stage's LOX tank -- the exact cause isn't know -- but that seems to be where SpaceX is focusing their attention. The FAA is overseeing the investigation that SpaceX is performing, with NASA assistance as needed. The FAA considers this an "incident" rather than a full up "accident". These are terms that are probably more significant if you speak government-ese.

The other concern was whether or not the ISS was going to be in trouble with the lack of supplies. There may be a bit of a problem with water filters for the water recycler (the filters aren't worn out, but they are getting rather full of stuff), but other than that, there is enough food and supplies until the Japanese, Russian, or Cygnus supply spacecrafts can get there.


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