Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy Moon Landing Day! (Apollo 11 lunar landing: July 20, 1969)

It was 46 years ago today that the Apollo 11 Lunar Excursion Module touched down onto the lunar surface in the Sea of Tranquility. A few hours afterwards, Neil Armstrong became the first human ever to step down onto the surface of another world. Buzz Aldrin followed a few minutes later. In the history of the Earth, only 10 other people have ever had the chance to accomplish that feat. Wouldn't it be something to see humans accomplish great things once again?

If you are interested in the history of the Apollo moon landings and are particularly interested in the nitty gritty details of how the landings played out, be sure to check out the Apollo Lunar Surface Journals, a website that contains pictures, videos, audio recordings, logs, debriefings, and more. It provides a wealth of raw information, and well worth a few dozen hours of perusal.


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